8 reasons why it’s better to learn a language online rather than onsite classes.

Here are some of the reasons why it could be better for you to learn English online with a teacher rather than in a company meeting room or a language academy.

Online business English professional training
  1. Learn whenever and whenever – learn English online from home or while you are on a business trip. You will have the flexibility to organise the classes wherever you have an internet connection. Fit the lessons around your timetable. This makes it a viable option for everyone regardless of their personal circumstances.
  1. Flexibility to rearrange the classes – book the lessons online with your private teacher and take advantage of our flexible cancellation policy. As the trainer doesn’t have to travel to the class there is much more flexibility to reorganise the class last minute. Therefore there are fewer cancellations and you won’t lose out on classes.
  1. No need to look for or book a meeting room – you can have the classes at your desk or from your kitchen at home. You won’t waste time getting to the class and you’ll have time to do other things.
  1. Cheaper cost – as the trainer has no travel time, the cost of the classes are reduced compared to normal onsite classes. This means you save not only time but also money and the classes are therefore affordable for everyone.
  1. Personalised classes – the online classes are normally one-to-one or smaller groups with colleagues from your department, so you will receive a more tailored class that is designed to meet your needs. You will also participate more actively and leave shyness and embarrassment behind.This will all help you make quicker progress. You will also have your own personal learning program and in the classes the material will be made using the topics and documents that you have chosen.
  1. Practice online video-conferences – using the latest conference technology you will also see your trainer and therefore none of the non-verbal communication such as body language is lost, as you will always see your trainer in the webcam.  What’s more you will gain confidence using video-conference technology and etiquette.
  1. Easy access to the material – all your resources will be on one device and will be saved so that you can access them at a later date. The classes can also be recorded so you can watch them after for extra reinforcement for the things that you have learnt in class.
  1. Join colleagues worldwide – in one classroom at a time that is convenient for everyone. The classes can be used as a team building or networking tool to join people from different countries to share knowledge and improve communication between subsidiaries in your company.